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Create a Dedicated SCCB User

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Creating a dedicated SCCB (Software Change Control Board) user and using it only during SCCB meetings can make history tracking easier to handle.  This is because it…

  1. Clarifies the context of the change; i.e. during an SCCB meeting.
  2. Keeps the user consistent regardless of whether the SCCB chairperson changes.
  3. Avoids confusion for the current chairperson when trying to determine who made a change, when and why; i.e. whether the given SCCB chairperson made changes during the SCCB meeting or as part of his or her “offline” work.

Of course it doesn’t tell who the chairperson was at the time.  Often that doesn’t really matter since the point of the meeting is group consent for changes; so the individual matters less.  If it does matter a field can be added to each record as to who the SCCB chair was or it can be captured in meeting minutes.  And of course only a limited number of people would have access to the account.


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Wednesday, December 3, 2008 at 12:17 pm